The Beatles

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Souvenir Of Their Visit To America

(Vee-Jay VJEP 1-903 MONO)
Released 23rd March 1964

Side A: Misery / A Taste Of Honey
Side B: Ask Me Why / Anna (Go To Him)

A confusing EP! Because Vee-Jay only had sixteen songs to play with, they set about re-releasing them in as many different formats as possible. This one came out on the same day as the 'Do You Want To Know A Secret' single, and even had the same picture on the front. After a few months it became clear that EP sales were never going to reach the giddy heights of their singles, so they decided to re-market it as a 45 (even though it still had four songs on it). They introduced a new cover with 'Ask Me Why' in bold print, and dropped the price by a third.

Highest chart position: Billboard) didn't enter; Cashbox) didn't enter; Record World) didn't enter

US sales figures: 78,800

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(back same as the front)

Four By The Beatles

(Capitol EAP 1-2121 MONO)
Released 11th May 1964

Side A: Roll Over Beethoven / All My Loving
Side B: This Boy / Please Mr. Postman

Capitol's first EP combined two of the mega-selling singles from Canada. Imported copies of All My Loving b/w This Boy had even managed to make #45 in the Billboard chart. And Roll Over Beethoven b/w Please Mr. Postman didn't do too bad either - reaching a respectable #68.

Highest chart position: Billboard) #92; Cashbox) #86; Record World) 97
Weeks in chart: 3 (from 13th June 1964)

US sales figures: 75,000

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(back same as the front)

4 By The Beatles

(Capitol R-5365 MONO)
Released 1st February 1965

Side A: Honey Don't / I'm A Loser
Side B: Mr. Moonlight / Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

Highest chart position: Billboard) #68; Cashbox) #68; Record World) didn't enter
Weeks in chart: 5 (from 27th February 1965)

The EP Collection

(Parlophone/EMI C2-15852)
Released 30th June 1992


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(back cover)

Baby It's You

(Apple 58349)
Released 23rd March 1995

Side A: Baby It's You / I'll Follow The Sun
Side B: Devil In Her Heart / Boys

This was released to help promote the Live At The BBC LP. Each song features a different Beatle singing.

Highest chart position: Billboard) #67
Weeks in chart: 4 (from 22nd April 1995)